Terms & Conditions

Gulex products that are able to be purchased through this website are all under a ToS (Terms of Service) agreement. By reading you have now agreed to these terms and conditions for the service provided, and the Safety Policy, all of which can be updated at any point. If you wish to keep abreast of the changes, check this page often to ensure no changes have been made since your last visit. Gulex holds the right to change the ToS and policies at any point, and cannot be held accountable for any portion of time this website may go offline, including but not limited to occasional specific pages being taken offline if needed.


Gulex has a large selection of hardware one can purchase. When purchasing, the product will be shipped to you with payment pending. When it arrives, the consumer must have paid via online payment or COD before the consumer may own that product.


Gulex can block anyone’s ability to get onto their website if it is shown that they have violated any terms or policies put into place by Gulex. Even if the customer has been blocked, that customer will still be required to pay for anything they may have ordered before the ultimate termination.


This Domain is www.gulex.co.uk. Our registered office is [Address and Company name]

Product Similarity:

While efforts have been made to display the products we sell exactly, Gulex’s images are to give you an idea of the finished product, not the exact product you will be receiving. Your package may differ in small ways to the images you may see on our website, and all sizes are close to but may not be to the exact specifications listed – however, we do our best to make sure they are as close as possible. Our product descriptions are as accurate to the product and price as is reasonably acceptable.

Third Party Sites:

Gulex has several links that take you to content outside of this domain, such as twitter, Facebook, etc. While this is done for more informational uses, we accept no responsibility of any content on any of these third-party sites, or anything placed by the third-party site on our own page, nor anything placed by person or persons on that third-party site. We are not held liable for any content that was placed by a third-party or third-person on any outside sources to our products in a personal capacity on any outside portal such as Facebook or Twitter (or social network in general).


All prices and details on our site are accurate, but there can be mistakes made. If a mistake has been made on the price of your order, Gulex will take the steps to notify you quickly. If you are not reached, the order will be canceled, and a refund will be issued if you have already paid. We claim the ability to change prices when necessary, but those prices won’t reflect on current order’s bills. Prices on this website extend to products on this website, and cannot be referenced if the same products are sold on another platform at another price.

Property Rights:

All property and intellectual rights associated with the products belong to [WHATEVER COMPANY MAKES YOUR PRODUCT]


Our Return Policy (Link to Return policy) is here for more information about any purchased items you wish to return or get a refund on.


All terms are within the laws of [AREA]. Any conflict in relation to products, the site, and jurisdictional laws are subject to the courts of [AREA.]


We extend checks to authorize your online payment to ensure it has the funds necessary to make the purchase in your order. Until this check has completed, the order cannot be fulfilled.


By reading the TOS, you agree you defend and deny liability to the corporation, employees, staff, affiliates, etc., from third-parties, liability, costs or damage, from the use of gulex.co.uk, along with any personal breach of the TOS or copyright infringement.

To ask questions, or make a comment, contact us at support@gulex.co.uk