Rap Legal Guide

Yo, yo, listen up, I got some legal advice to drop

First things first, check your Canadian Tax ID Number on the flip flop

Got a business partner? Gotta work it out, so get that cooperation agreement draft, don’t get caught

Launching a new project, gotta get that pilot project agreement, don’t let it lag

Drone flying in NZ? Know the drone rules, don’t be a tease

Lawyers in Canada, know your court abbreviations, don’t be on your knees

In Ottawa and need some legal aid? Get with a law group that’s got the shade

Going through a separation? Get that separation of property agreement, don’t feel the frustration

Signed a contract that you wanna ditch? Know if you can cancel that signed contract, don’t be a snitch

Driving in a new land? Learn the traffic rules and symbols in English, don’t leave it unplanned

Shipping across the Pacific sea? Check the transpacific stabilization agreement bunker, don’t be a dunce