With Gulex, you get 24-month replacement guarantee!

Claiming Warranty

If you are looking to claim your warranty on your item(s), check your warranty card located in your delivery package. Alternatively, feel free to contact us at [email address] or [phone number]

When filing your claim, list specifics about the hardware you have purchased when listing the problem.

Warranty Coverage

  • Warranty does not cover customer violations, such as damage inflicted by the consumer, water damage, disregarding product manual, mishandling, etc.
  • Gulex holds the option to hold tests on the product to investigate the cause of failure.
  • Invalid and Expired warranties are not able to be filed.
  • Warranty does not cover dents, cracks, scratches, etc., on the surface of a product, which includes outer casings, lenses, buttons, screens, etc.
  • Warranty does not extend to accidents, or weather conditions such as earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, floods, etc.
  • This warranty may only be eligible in Gulex’s area, and may not be extended to international use.
  • Gulex alone has the authority to permit or deny warranty services.
  • Keep in mind that there are other unchecked websites that may attempt to say that they are reselling Gulex products, but are not. Ensure that you have arrived at a safe site that is a part of the Gulex provider service.
  • Gulex holds the option to gauge whether or not a product is considered “Out of Warranty” due to the restrictions listed above.

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