Tired of iPhone cables breaking?

It seems that some iPhone and  iPad cables weren’t built to last. Can you count how many different cables you’ve purchased over the last few years? Your iPhone and iPad are an essential part of you your life, so it’s a real pain when your Apple Lightning charger cable has broken or has just stopped working this combined with a USB car charger that doesn’t charge fast enough. 

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an affordable Apple Certified cable and that it was built to last?

Gulex Solution

Not just another charging cable – Gulex has a mission to change the world for the better. Our business not only produces certified, durable and fast charging cables but we focus on products which have an environmental impact.

For example: electrical consumption coupled with the amount waste caused by short life inferior products which enter our land or sea. To prove this we donate 20p of each sale to charities focusing on the environment and for the less privileged in our society. Gulex puts our planet and people first, an ethical business trying to make a difference.

Apple MFi Certified Cable

Each cable contains a unique verified serials number and an authorization chip issued by Apple.

Apple Certified

Today, we sell one of the strongest cables available that’s also MFi-Certified. This includes a certification from Apple that this product is specially made for your Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices!

Durable Cables

Our research has identified the weakest areas in current cables, so we have created a strong, durable cable that’s one-of-a-kind by sourcing the perfect material, while also taking care of the pressure points.

Fast Charging

A fast charging cable will get your battery back to maximum quickly. Our strong charging cables will charge your devices up to 1.5x faster than usual. We create high performance products at cost-effective prices.

Our Warranty

All our products are produced to high standards and the best possible quality. In the unlikely event that you should experience any problem at all, Gulex offers a 24-month warranty to ensure your peace of mind.

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Our Mission

Gulex exists to create the most innovative, durable and cost effective mobile phone accessories that combine technology with design and practicality. And as an ethical business, contribute to the less privileged of our society.

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